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Letter from Mrs. Russell


Prairie Winds Elementary School

Pueblo School District No. 70

579 E. Earl Drive  -  Pueblo West, CO 81007

Telephone (719) 647-9732

Stephanie Russell



March 14, 2012


 Dear Parent or Guardian: 

Prairie Winds staff and students are very proud to represent Pueblo West as the Prairie Winds Twisters. Part of our pride comes from dressing for success.  All staff members are role models to our students and dress professionally.  Every student is required to dress in full uniform on a daily basis.  The uniform consists of blue, gray, or white shirts with the Prairie Winds logo and blue or khaki cotton-twill bottoms.  Pants that are not made from cotton-twill are not acceptable; this includes jeans, sweat material, and nylon material.  If a student wants to wear a shirt underneath the uniform shirt, it must be blue, white or gray.  Shirts of other colors will not be acceptable, and the student will be asked to remove the undershirt.  If a student wears a sweatshirt, it must be a Prairie Winds sweatshirt and a Prairie Winds shirt must be worn underneath. Non Prairie Winds sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets may be worn as outdoor attire only and will need to be removed when students are in the building.  Please be sure that all uniform tops and bottoms are clean and without holes.  If your child's dress does not meet our uniform dress code, he or she will call home to have the proper uniform brought to school.   

The only exception to our full uniform dress code is "Twister Thursday."  On the last Thursday of the month, students may wear blue-jeans with a Prairie Winds shirt.  Due to the number of students not following the District No. 70 dress code for appropriate bottoms, we request that students wear only blue-jeans on "Twister Thursday" and not other choices of pants.

The Prairie Winds uniform does meet District No. 70's dress code.  We ask that all students adhere to the following dress code policy JICA:

         Any shirt that is longer than the students' wrist line will need to be tucked in, with no exceptions.

         Excessively baggy pants, ragged pants that are torn, ripped or cut up are not acceptable.  Shorts and skirts that are shorter than the students' finger tips are not acceptable.  Cargo pants are acceptable but military style pants with expanding pockets are not acceptable.  Pajama bottoms are not acceptable pants to be worn at school. Pants will be worn on the hips or higher, no exceptions.

We thank you for your assistance with this matter.  We are a uniform school, and feel that the expectation that students dress for successful learning is a benefit to all.



Stephanie Russell, Principal