Mrs. Karen Farbo

                COUNSELOR’S CORNER

As the School Counselor, I work with all students using a comprehensive guidance program (ASCA National Model) that contributes to positive academic success, personal/social development and a safe learning environment that prepares children for the challenges of the 21st century. I’m available to make your child’s school experience the best it can be, so if you need a counselor’s advice, just ask!

Academic Development: Classroom Instruction

BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM – I will be presenting a variety of bullying programs including; Bully Proofing Your School, and Stop Bullying Now to help children learn effective intervention strategies against bullying as well as educating them on what bullying is  (August and September) Standard PS:A1 

KELSO’S CHOICE- A curriculum designed to teach conflict management skills to elementary school children (October & November).  Standard PS: B1

STUDY AND TEST TAKING SKILLSHelping Students Get Organized various resources that help children with organizational and study skills and prepare for tests will be used. Standards A:A2, B1

GOOD TOUCH/BAD TOUCH PROGRAM (Grades K-5) – Focus is personal safety and responsible reporting, grade levels will vary each year, primarily 1st,3rd & 5th grades. (December & January)  Standard PS:C1

PARENT WORKSHOPS: Various Workshops and Seminars will be offered as available.

Personal/Social: Individual and Small Group Counseling

GROUP COUNSELING; to include the following small guidance groups: Families in change, Feeling Good about Me, Better Ways of Getting Angry, Friendship Club, Coping With Loss and Grief and Military Deployment Support.  (Ongoing throughout year) Standard PS-A1,A2


Many children face issues and concerns that may possibly have an effect on their academic achievement.  It is with this in mind that I am offering a Social Skills Program for students in grades K-2, and the Discovery Program for grades 3-5.  These Programs are a concrete, skills-based curriculum that helps creates positive change in students.   Through these programs, students can develop many of the positive social skills necessary to be successful in life.



Career Development:

CAREER FAIR - Introduces students to a variety of careers and occupations in the community.  (April)  Standard C:A1

Each new student/family is interviewed by the school counselor to ensure appropriate placement in classes and familiarize them with the school. I’m available to provide support services to students, parents and community.  If I’m not in my office, please leave a message on my voice mail or with the front office staff and I’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.

Karen Farbo, MA, NCC, Counselor, Prairie Winds Elementary School

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